Stand Up Level 4: Masterclass with Jen Kober and Anny Rosario
Instructor:  Jen Kober
Session: 01/24/2022 - 02/28/2022

6 Weeks
Showcase Date: TBD
Class Time(s): 6:00PM - 9:00PM
Class Duration: 3 Hours
Location: Flappers Comedy University - Waldorf Room
118 E. Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, Ca 91502
Cost: $295.00EnrollBuy Now
This Level 4 class will be taught by film & TV actress, Anny Rosario & Internationally touring standup, Jen Kober. Our purpose is to combine our varied expertise in performance and character development to help you become a trailblazing comedian. One that is irresistible to watch, and that consistently books.

Anny is not only an accomplished actress, she is also a long time comedy fan. Since 2017, Anny has used her directing skills and natural ease with performers to coach both actors and stand-ups with great success.

Jen is bringing over 25 years of standup experience to the table, with a prolific touring schedule and her own long list of television and film credits. Jen loves teaching comedy, and has actually hired several of her students as openers for her road shows - so bring your A game and let's get to work!

Topics we will cover in our 5 weeks of classes:

Who are you? We will mine your quirks, mannerisms, and visual aesthetic to develop your own unique, impossible to replicate onstage persona.

What is your damage? The trap many comedians fall into is skirting around your
juicy issues or not addressing them at all. We’ll help develop your hidden traumatic gems and turn them into big laughs.

Where do I get material from? Learn to use the TRUTH as a way to find what's FUNNY!

What can I do with this 10 minute set? We will help you discover ways to continue to get the exposure you need to get to the next level

We will break down the mystery of the industry, and let you know exactly how to submit to agencies, managers, showcases, festivals and more.

We will strengthen your most authentic material and heighten & develop your stage presence.
Basically we are gonna work your funny muscle so that you can kick ass every time you set foot on stage!
Jen Kober

The Mindy Project Anger Management Curb Your Enthusiasm Treme

Originally from Lake Charles, Louisiana, Kober has bounded onto the national stage - playing colleges, theatres and comedy clubs all over the country and bringing crowds to their feet with her original blend of stand-up, story telling, and improvised rock-n-roll comedy.

Leslie Berman of The SWLA Times writes,"Kober is one of the most talented comics of our time. I have been betting on her to find her niche and go national since the first time I saw her. I thought: Shes got to be our 21st Century Lucille Ball, and thats no exaggeration. If you�re twenty years younger than me, think hipper Tracey Ullman."