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Burbank - Brody Stevens Fri & Sat Feb 27 & 28 Claremont- James P. Connolly Fri & Sat Feb 27 & 28 Burbank - Whitney Cummings - Fri & Sat Mar 6 & 7 Burbank - Dana Carvey Wed Feb 25 Claremont - Kel Mitchell Fri & Sat Mar 13 & 14

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Upcoming Events  from: 03/01/2015
There will be an additional Service Charge on All Special Events

Mar 01st | 07:00PM Hal Sparks | Burbank | $20.00
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Special Event
Emcee: Marie DelPrete
Feature: Charlene Mae
Headliner: Hal Sparks
Stand Up: Marco Assante
Stand Up: Quinn Cummings
Stand Up: Joe Stafford  
Mar 01st | 09:00PM Jerry Corley Stand Up Class Showcase | Burbank | $10.00     Buy Tickets Emcee: Jerry Corley  
Mar 01st | 07:00PM Gareth Reynolds | Claremont | $15.00
"MTV's Failosophy"    
Buy Tickets Emcee: Liz Shihadeh
Headliner: Gareth Reynolds
Stand Up: Surprise Celebrity Guest
Stand Up: Edward Hernandez
Stand Up: Joshua Jackson
Stand Up: Marlon M. Moran
Stand Up: Rafael OK
Stand Up: Matt Shipway
Stand Up: Zach Young  
Mar 01st | 07:00PM Joey Medina | Burbank | $10.00     Buy Tickets Emcee: Jose Raymond
Headliner: Joey Medina
Stand Up: Surprise Celebrity Guest
Stand Up: Albert Escobedo
Stand Up: Xchel Hernandez
Stand Up: Joaquin Martinez
Stand Up: HaHa-Cinto
Stand Up: Alexis Morales
Stand Up: Tommy Rico
Stand Up: Francisco Ramos
Stand Up: Fernando Ramos Sosa
YH-Sound Intern: Matt Wexler  
Mar 01st | 09:00PM John Campanelli | Burbank | $10.00
"TVGuide Network"    
Buy Tickets Emcee: Frankie Cronin
Headliner: John Campanelli
Stand Up: Ian Ager
Stand Up: Surprise Celebrity Guest
Stand Up: Harry Dreyfuss
Stand Up: Evan Kessler
Stand Up: Stu Kosh
Stand Up: Taquita Love
Stand Up: Kevin Noonan
Stand Up: Francesca Smith
Stand Up: Julianna Temesvari  
Mar 01st | 09:00PM CL_Silly Sundays Open Mic/Auditions | Claremont | $5.00     Buy Tickets Emcee: Ken Pringle  
Mar 01st | 05:00PM Nic Novicki | Burbank | $10.00
"Boardwalk Empire"    
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Special Event
Emcee: Kimrie Davis
Headliner: Nic Novicki
Producer: Joanie Coyote
Producer: Ken Pringle
Stand Up: Annie Abrams
Stand Up: Theresa Dahlquist
Stand Up: Angelo di Nallo
Stand Up: Tom Eschleman
Stand Up: BoB Green
Stand Up: Brian Jacobovitz
Stand Up: Kali Sandhu
Stand Up: Bonnielynn
Stand Up: Amberla
Stand Up: Brian Walmsley  
Mar 02nd | 07:00PM WRITING: Writing for Late Night TV | Burbank | $295.00
"Boardwalk Empire"    
Buy Tickets Instructor: Gabe Abelson  
Mar 03rd | 08:00PM MR- Celebrity Drop In Tuesday | Burbank | $10.00     Buy Tickets Emcee: Richy Leis
Stand Up: Steve Arenholz
Stand Up: Tom Ayers
Stand Up: Sunah Bilsted
Stand Up: Surprise Celebrity Guest
Stand Up: David Foster
Stand Up: Vince Yap
Stand Up: Maggie Klaus
Stand Up: Dan Levy
Stand Up: Forrest Shaw  
Mar 03rd | 10:30PM BAR- No Blender Bar Show Tues 12am | Burbank | FREE TICKETS     Buy Tickets Emcee: Cheri Hodge  
Mar 03rd | 10:00PM MR-Celeb Drop Inn Tuesdays | Burbank | $10.00     Buy Tickets Emcee: Joshua Snyder
Stand Up: Kristen Carney
Stand Up: Darren Carter
Stand Up: Surprise Celebrity Guest
Stand Up: Rene Garcia
Stand Up: Paul Walter Hauser
Stand Up: Dan Levy
Stand Up: Nick Malis
Stand Up: Kareem Matthews  
Mar 03rd | 07:30PM Ari Shaffir | Burbank | $2.00     Buy Tickets Emcee: Hans Sardo
Headliner: Ari Shaffir
Stand Up: Bret Banta
Stand Up: BURGER
Stand Up: Surprise Celebrity Guest
Stand Up: Ashley Craib
Stand Up: Tanya Honeycutt1
Stand Up: Anthony Hudacs
Stand Up: David P. Kronmiller
Stand Up: Rachel Scanlon  
Mar 03rd | 09:30PM Sean O Connor | Burbank | $10.00
Buy Tickets Emcee: Clarke McMakin
Headliner: Sean O Connor
Stand Up: Gerardo Alarcon
Stand Up: Greg Benevent
Stand Up: Aaron Black
Stand Up: Pat Buetow
Stand Up: Surprise Celebrity Guest
Stand Up: George Coffey
Stand Up: T.J. DeNeal
Stand Up: Ian Gutoskie
Stand Up: Theo Madla
Stand Up: Chris Piehler  
Mar 03rd | 06:00PM MR Tues Happy Hour Open Mic Show 6:00pm | Burbank | FREE TICKETS     Buy Tickets Emcee: Richard Park  
Mar 03rd | 05:00PM FlappCast- Behind the Funny PODCAST TAPING | Burbank | FREE TICKETS     Buy Tickets Emcee: Barbara Holliday
Stand Up: Keith Kelly
Stand Up: Joshua Snyder  
Mar 04th | 07:00PM CS-Flappers University Student Open Mic | Burbank | FREE TICKETS     Buy Tickets Emcee: Sam Morrison  
Mar 04th | 08:00PM UCCC - Round Two Week 2 | Burbank | $12.00   Flyer   Buy Tickets 1] Kathleen Brzezinski
2] Mitch Burrow
3] Ray Connolly
4] David Dorward
5] Jacob Givens
6] Jacob Kubon
7] Marc Lowe
8] Tom Slovinski
9] David Studebaker
10] Nelson Ventress
11] Luke Wienecke
Emcee: Wendi Starling
Math Time: Karen Rontowski  
Mar 04th | 10:00PM Jason Collings | Burbank | $10.00
"The Tonight Show"    
Buy Tickets Emcee: Chris Bennett
Headliner: Jason Collings
Stand Up: Sina Amedson
Stand Up: Tom Bambara
Stand Up: Nicky Bernal
Stand Up: Surprise Celebrity Guest
Stand Up: Steve Cotroneo
Stand Up: Ryan Hansinger
Stand Up: Sarah Keller
Stand Up: Bri LeRose
Stand Up: Kelly McInerney
Stand Up: Tracey Schwartz  
Mar 04th | 07:30PM Rawle Dee | Burbank | $10.00     Buy Tickets Emcee: Donald Lett
Headliner: Rawle Dee
Stand Up: Nicole Abate
Stand Up: Gigi Aquino
Stand Up: Sherry Dadci
Stand Up: Gus Eid
Stand Up: Michelle Evans
Stand Up: Adam Haskins
Stand Up: Burrito Lady
Stand Up: Michael Rhodes
Stand Up: Amberla  
Mar 04th | 09:30PM Chris Cope | Burbank | $10.00
"Xm-Sirius Radio - Raw Dog"    
Buy Tickets Emcee: JC Currais
Headliner: Chris Cope
Stand Up: Emilia Barrosse
Stand Up: Surprise Celebrity Guest
Stand Up: Matty Chymbor
Stand Up: Sean Leary
Stand Up: Richy Leis
Stand Up: Matt McCarthy
Stand Up: Jessica Michelle Singleton  
Mar 04th | 06:00PM MR Happy Hour Auditions_Wed | Burbank | FREE TICKETS     Buy Tickets Emcee: Richy Leis
Emcee: Dave Reinitz  
Mar 04th | 10:30PM BAR- No Blender Bar Show Wed 11pm | Burbank | FREE TICKETS     Buy Tickets Emcee: Aaron Marsh  
Mar 04th | 03:30PM PRIVATE: Coaching Session (1hr) | Burbank | $100.00     Buy Tickets Instructor: Ken Pringle  
Mar 05th | 08:00PM Pretty Funny Women | Burbank | $12.00     Buy Tickets Emcee: Samantha Hale
Stand Up: Catherine Adell
Stand Up: Emily Brundige
Stand Up: Brooke Burgstahler
Stand Up: Melissa Butts
Stand Up: Caitlin Carleton
Stand Up: Chelsea London Lloyd
Stand Up: Marlo Meekins
Stand Up: Jessica Morgan
Stand Up: Renee Ridgeley
Stand Up: Kaitlin Schuster
Stand Up: Lisa Sundstedt  
Mar 05th | 09:30PM Carlos Alazraqui | Burbank | $10.00
"PLANES- El Chupecabra"    
Buy Tickets Emcee: Dave Reinitz
Feature: Jimmy Dore
Feature: Dana Eagle
Feature: Justin Foster
Feature: Michael Rayner
Feature: Melissa Villasenor
Headliner: Carlos Alazraqui
Producer: Crystal Charee
Stand Up: Candy Lawrence  
Mar 05th | 07:30PM YH-UCCC - Round One Week 3 | Burbank | $15.00   Flyer   Buy Tickets 1] Sarah Burrows1
2] Nick Casalini
3] David Moore
4] Mike Perkins1
5] Alex Piraino
6] Finley Polynice
7] Arianna Ruelas
8] Ayman Samman
9] Sam Sturzenacker
10] Matthew Utley
11] Jason Van Glass
Emcee: JC Currais
Math Time: Vince Averill  
Mar 05th | 08:00PM Nick Youssef | Claremont | $15.00
Buy Tickets Emcee: Sean Williams
Headliner: Nick Youssef
Stand Up: Mark Cope
Stand Up: Joseph Aceves
Stand Up: Nick Alvarez
Stand Up: Victor Amato
Stand Up: Cameron Blunt
Stand Up: Peter Anthony
Stand Up: Surprise Celebrity Guest
Stand Up: Kathryn Couillard
Stand Up: David Duarte
Stand Up: Ryan Friend
Stand Up: Brian Hoehn
Stand Up: Chris Kostelofsky
Stand Up: CJ Price  
Mar 05th | 10:00PM Trey Elliot | Burbank | $10.00
"The last comic standing"    
Buy Tickets Emcee: Andrew Berkovich
Headliner: Trey Elliot
Stand Up: Kathryn Aagesen
Stand Up: Mariya Alexander
Stand Up: Surprise Celebrity Guest
Stand Up: Sean Copeland
Stand Up: Jenna Difilippo
Stand Up: John Fahy
Stand Up: Tom Farnan
Stand Up: Erikka Fortenberry
Stand Up: Greg Lindsay
Stand Up: Jeremy McKiernan
Stand Up: Mitchell Virzi  
Mar 05th | 06:00PM MR Happy Hour Auditions | Burbank | FREE TICKETS     Buy Tickets Emcee: Dave Reinitz  
Mar 05th | 10:30PM BAR- No Blender Bar Show Thurs 12am | Burbank | FREE TICKETS     Buy Tickets Emcee: Erikka Innes  
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