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PK stands for Paul Kim and Preacher's Kid. (Preacher's Kids = Problem Kids) He was born and raised in Burbank, CA, the home of Johnny Carson, his earliest inspiration in comedy.
He is the Founder and 10 year Executive Director of an annual Asian talent show called Kollaboration, which now in its 15th year, draws over 15,000 people in 14 cities.
He is the co-founder of Link, Liberty in North Korea, a non profit organization that raises awareness and assists North Korean refugees.
He was the grand prize winner of The Uncle Clyde's Comedy Competition sponsored by H2f Productions which featured over 100 comedians and he took first place.
He has performed stand up comedy at over 100 universities across the United States, Singapore, and Korea.
He was invited to The White House for his contributions to the community.
His passion is laughing and creating laughter.