Reggie Jr
On Stage w/Dave Chappelle
Naca South 09
Naca Mid Atlantic 09
Partners in Crime 2006
Hollywood Improv

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At a young age Reggie realized his gift as an entertainer and started pursuing his dream as a stand up comedian. Pound for pound, there are not too many other comedians that come with the energy passion and intensity he possesses. In 2001, he developed his act through the open mic circuit and began hosting at The Punchline comedy club regularly. In 2004, Reggie joined the United States Army; in the Spring of 2005 while still serving in the Army he received his first big break in the Comedy Carnival Cruise Contest at the Punchline comedy club in which he placed 3rd. Summer of 2006, Reggie appeared in Robert Townsends Partners in Crime the Next Generation. Reggie´s latest success is being among the chosen picked to showcase in a NACA regional conference! Reggie can also be seen performing at various venues throughout Southern California and soon at a campus near you!!