Ron Josol

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Ron Josol is probably the most recognized Asian comedian in Canada thanks to shows like Muchmusic´s Video on Trial, his own episode of Comedy Now, and profiles on channels like Discovery Channel, MTV Canada and the Biography Channel Canada. Internationally he´s performed on two specials on Showtime Dubai, ABS-CBN´s Slanted Comedy (taped at the San Jose Improv) and his first U.S. national spot at Hollywood´s LOL Comedy Festival on Showtime USA. This winner of the Just for Laughs Homegrown Competition has hosted his own series, Flip, on the onmi2 network, and co-wrote, produced and starred in Rolling Longoniza, a short film based on his true story which aired on CBC Zflicks. With gigs in the Caribbean, Persian Gulf, Pacific Islands, and at International Comedy Festival 2k8 to his credit, it´s likely Ron Josol will continue to be recognized wherever laughter is in high demand.