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Laura Hayden
Comedian/Doctor/shoe fanatic
Laura recently appeared on "Stand Up In Stilettos" for TV Guide Network. In addition to numerous other radio, TV and podcasts appearances worldwide in August, she to returned to Scotland for the 5th year in a row to participate in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. In July, completed a three -week Middle East military. Laura is currently working on a book, turning her dissertation; " The Healing Aspects of Laughter as it Pertains to Stress and Burnout" (yes officially she is Dr. Laura, but not THAT Dr. Laura) in turn a speaker´s platform to help heal a world so in need of levity.

07/30/17 7PM Jeff Garlin
Flappers Comedy Club Burbank
08/13/17 7PM Comedy All Stars
Flappers Comedy Club Burbank- Yoo Hoo Room
08/13/17 9PM Happy Headliners
Flappers Comedy Club Burbank
08/17/17 11PM Late Nite Thursday Headliners
Flappers Comedy Club Burbank
10/20/17 12PM Keynote Comedy At NYPTA Conference