Tara Jean OBrien

Conan O'Brien
General Hospital
Flappers Improv Team


Tara is a graduate of USC and former headline contributor to THE ONION. Tara trained at the Groundlings and IO West to hone her improvisation and sketch skills. She has been performing at improv and stand-up venues around LA and Las Vegas for many years. It�s not your concern how many, just be satisfied with �many.� She is also part of a long form improv team, Hey Neighbor, based at IO West, and the girl comedy band, VOMIT. She has performed in numerous plays, her favorites being the ones where the critics raved about her mad acting skills. Tara also has recurring roles on General Hospital and is in the cult horror hit, Rubber. You can also catch her on Netflix in the feature, Sassy Pants, starring Hayley Joel Osment, Anna Gunn, and Ashley Rickards. Tara also enjoys writing and yelling. Follow her on twitter @tartarsauce1