Vicktor Aggerwhil

Hollywood Improv
Second City
Flappers Comedy Club

Vicktor Aggerwhil is a Stand-Up comic of Asian Indian origin. He started comedy at the age of 14, when he was inspired by his father who encouraged him to try something new instead of family business (Tech Support!). Thinking that it would be a good way to attract the attention of girls, he agreed. However, it didn't work immediately. Not giving up hope, he continued to do shows at Flappers and Hollywood Improv. In addition to stand-up, he is experienced in Improv. He was trained at Second City and at the Norris Theatre. He is an active member of the Comedy Guild club at his school and has booked a National State Farm Commercial. In his free time, Vicktor enjoys playing basketball, video games, listening to music, driving, and watching movies

04/08/18 5PM Hilarious Hindus
Flappers Comedy Club Burbank