Neil Aggerwhil
Hollywood Improv
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The Warehouse

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Neil Aggerwhil is a 16-year-old comic of Indian origin. He started making people laugh at an early age by telling jokes and doing impressions. In fact, his first impression was that of a crying baby! He surprised his family by volunteering in a show in Virginia at age 4 where non-comics told jokes. Neil told the joke already shared by his elder brother in front of the same audience. The audience went wild (his cuteness helped!) and he won $25 which is more than what anyone in his family had made doing stand-up till that time! Neil was featured in the Commercial for California Energy Upgrade, The Thundermans (TV Show) and Famous Footwear Commercial. Neil has been doing comedy for two years and has performed at The Hollywood Improv, Ice House, The Flappers Comedy Club and at The Warehouse in Marina Del Rey.

04/08/18 5PM Hilarious Hindus
Flappers Comedy Club Burbank