Spencer Varsho

The Comedy Store
Hollywood Improv
Flappers Comedy Club
The Hext Theatre


I grew up in Pennsylvania surrounded by miserable pricks and rednecks, I ran wild in the streets, a coyote of youth, while neighbors and relatives tried to convince my parents I worshiped Satan. I ditched the backwoods for the Mid-West and moved to Chicago where I was blacked out most of the time due toI was there so not entirely too much to report on that. After growing tired of distasteful friendships, relationships, and superficial desires I bailed the noise of the city and retreated to Green Bay Wisconsin where I began performing at a local club called the Green Room Lounge. I've performed locally and regionally around the state for over a year, opening for acts such as Sarah Silverman, Tony Rock, Rick Shapiro, Steve Hofstetter, among others.