Laura Brennan

'Most Likely to Die'
'Faux Baby'
'Highlander: The Raven'
TV's 'The Lost World'

Laura´s eclectic career includes television, news, theater, fiction, and film. On screens large and small, she has lopped people´s heads off with swords, shot, strangled, and bludgeoned them, and occasionally fed them to dinosaurs. But it´s not all blood and guts: her web series Faux Baby explores the lighter side of motherhood. And if the faux baby loses a limb here or there, well… No, actually, she has no justification for that at all.
As a pitch consultant, Laura has worked with writers and production companies developing television and feature projects. Series have sold to ABC, NBC, the CW, and Syfy. She also works with authors to develop their book proposals and queries, and with independent professionals to help them talk about themselves and their businesses. Learn more at