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Kristen "Frisk" Christensen is a shooting star in the Northern California comedy scene. Kristen moved 14 times by the time she was 14. Her parents divorced when she was 6 and she was raised by her single Mom until she remarried a Marine when Kristen was 12. Her Stepped in Dad taught her how to be respectful and to keep her elbows off the TV trays. Her Stepped out Dad taught her not to use drugs and chase women. Moving around so much caused Kristen to become an awkward chameleon, but she´s always used her quick wit and spunky sense of humor as a way to introduce herself. It wasn't until her senior year of high school when she was voted "Most likely to wind up on Saturday Night Live" that Kristen discovered making people laugh either with her (or at her) was something she was good at and enjoyed!