Salma Zaky

UCLA Comedy & Chill

Salma Zaky is a student by day and stand-up comedian by night. Originally from the Bay Area, she moved to Los Angeles to attend college at UCLA, where she discovered her passion for stand-up. Ever since joining Shenanigans Comedy Club, she has been lucky enough to perform on campus in line-ups featuring Maria Bamford, Ali Wong, Hampton Yount, Quincy Jones and more. Salma started a weekly podcast called "Comedians in College Getting Degrees" which can be found on Soundcloud. This podcast focuses on high school and college experiences with episodes featuring a variety of professional LA comics. Salma expresses her comedic identity through a unique combination of self-deprecating anecdotes covering topics ranging from dating to student life and material about her family background. As Salma Zaky pursues her degree in English, she continues to find her voice on stage and is working everyday towards making a career out of comedy.