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Leigh Koechner is a refreshingly unfiltered mother of 5. She is a writer, performer, and is the mindful parenting expert for Deepak Chopra. You have seen her on Oprah Winfrey´s "Your Own Show", The Comebacks, and her one-woman show "Miss Junior Overland Park" on the Oxygen Network. She has graced the stages of Flappers and The Comedy Store. Leigh knows that parenting is important, but her plate is full and her kid´s are just a small portion on that plate. Join Leigh and her wild ride of life.

08/16/17 9PM Parents Unite
Flappers Comedy Club Burbank- Yoo Hoo Room
08/18/17 4PM Hilton Garden Inn Friday Happy Hour Show
Flappers Satellite - Hilton Garden Inn