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Kindred Throats is the musical comedy duo, Kevin Stafford and Todd Risenmay: Two throats, two guitars, one unforgettable bromance. Todd and Kevin were both born at the same time on the same day at Sacred Heart Medical Center in Eugene, Oregon. Upon meeting each other in the hospital nursery, they harmonized a musical note so powerful that the nurses on staff would go on to say it was, "pretty impressive for babies." Ever since, they have grown and experienced life together through many successes, failures, fears, and love, and they´ve documented it all in two-part harmony.
Kevin and Todd have performed in multiple national tours across the US and with The Second City at Sea, respectively. Kindred Throats performs comedy songs while also incorporating improvisation and audience participation to get you clapping to the beat, singing along, and possibly becoming the subject of an uncomfortably intimate serenading.

05/30/18 8PM SOUP OR BOWL - Round Three
Flappers Comedy Club Burbank
10/17/18 8PM UCCC - Round Six Week Four
Flappers Comedy Club Burbank