Jan Gass
Stranger than Fiction
Improv Group
LA Connection

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When you are the second of five children, someone has to be the funny one.That is the role this New Jersey native took on. Jan has studied improv, comedy and drama with the LA Connection Comedy Theatre, Dan Weisman, Tyler Jolley, Kent Skov, Deven Green, Cyb Barnstable, IO West and the Groundlings. She has acted in web series, short films, children´s theater productions, plays, showcases and student films. Jan was the lead in the award winning short film "Mother of the Year" directed and written by Adrienne Zi. She has been awarded Best Female Improv Performer three times for her improv performances and Most Inspirational for her coaching and teaching at the LA Connection. She performs Friday nights at the LA Connection with the improv group Stranger Than Fiction.