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Two Milk Minimum
7PM | 9PM
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Upcoming Events  from: 02/25/2018
There is a $2.00 additional Service Charge on All Special Events

        Feb 25th | 07:00PM Don Friesen | Claremont | $20.00     Buy Tickets Emcee: Julie Kidd
Feature: Vince Harper
Headliner: Don Friesen
Stand Up: Tom Riehl  
        Feb 25th | 05:00PM Taylor Williamson | Burbank | $10.00     Buy Tickets Emcee: Roxy Cook
Feature: Jason Collings
Headliner: Taylor Williamson
Producer: Adam Mark
Stand Up: Blake Wexler  
        Feb 25th | 09:00PM Swingin Sundays | Burbank | $20.00     Buy Tickets Emcee: Joshua Snyder
Feature: Eric Deskin
Headliner: Swingin Sundays
Stand Up: D.J. Demers
Stand Up: Fielding Edlow
Stand Up: Mallory Farrow
Stand Up: Ingrid Haubert
Stand Up: Steve Heyl
Stand Up: Corie Johnson
Stand Up: Kirstin Keagy
Stand Up: Rory Meagher
Stand Up: Jon Morse
Stand Up: Andre Mulligan
Stand Up: Eric Poggi
Stand Up: Jonny Soul
Stand Up: JC Taylor  
        Feb 25th | 09:00PM YH - Flappers University Student Showcase | Burbank | $10.00     Buy Tickets Emcee: Barb North
Producer: Steve North
Stand Up: Naina Michaud
Stand Up: PJ Baio
Stand Up: Willow Clay
Stand Up: Kevin Davis
Stand Up: Taylor Fogg
Stand Up: Jim Giordano
Stand Up: Mari Haig
Stand Up: Jim Hands
Stand Up: Perry Krauss
Stand Up: Felix McNulty
Stand Up: Marilyn Monrovia
Stand Up: Charlie Newhart
Stand Up: Ronnie Slavis
Stand Up: Pauline Yasuda  
        Feb 25th | 07:00PM Owen Alabado And Friends | Burbank | $20.00     Buy Tickets Emcee: Pat Branch
Headliner: Owen Alabado And Friends
Stand Up: Kristal Adams
Stand Up: Owen Alabado
Stand Up: Nikki Bailey
Stand Up: Jordan Conley
Stand Up: Sean Grant  
        Feb 25th | 04:30PM Two Milk Minimum | Claremont | $10.00     Buy Tickets Emcee: Michael Rayner
Headliner: Two Milk Minimum  
        Feb 25th | 07:00PM Marty Ross | Burbank | $10.00     Buy Tickets Emcee: Joshua Snyder
Headliner: Marty Ross
Stand Up: Bobby Kosser
Stand Up: Stephanie Blum
Stand Up: Sally Mullins
Stand Up: Keith Ross Nelson
Stand Up: Aiko Tanaka
Stand Up: LeeAnn Tooker
Stand Up: Jeff Urrea  
        Feb 25th | 04:00PM BAR - 4pm - Flappers University Student Open Mic | Burbank | FREE TICKETS     Buy Tickets Co-Emcee: PJ Baio
Emcee: Roxy Cook  
        Feb 25th | 05:00PM Jerry Rocha | Burbank | $10.00     Buy Tickets Emcee: Howard Aronin
Headliner: Jerry Rocha
Producer: Ken Pringle
Stand Up: Raajeev Aggerwhil
Stand Up: Heather Dragulescu
Stand Up: Yas Kasbisch
Stand Up: Meegan Kelleher
Stand Up: Joseph Mazzarini
Stand Up: Joseph Meissner
Stand Up: Toby Muller
Stand Up: Stacy Rivera
Stand Up: Courtney Ryan
Stand Up: Greg Ware  
        Feb 26th | 02:00PM Song In the Key of Funny Podcast | Burbank | FREE TICKETS     Buy Tickets Co-Emcee: Shaun Fisher
Emcee: Kristin Key
Headliner: Song In the Key of Funny Podcast
Musical Comedian: Rhune Kincaid  
        Feb 26th | 08:00PM Tony Baker And Friends | Burbank | $20.00     Buy Tickets Emcee: Tony Baker
Headliner: Tony Baker And Friends
Stand Up: Flex Alexander
Stand Up: Nick Carthan
Stand Up: Doboy
Stand Up: Cloud  
        Feb 26th | 08:30PM Open Mic Mondays | Burbank | FREE TICKETS     Buy Tickets Co-Emcee: Luis Ramirez
Emcee: Kaycee Conlee  
        Feb 26th | 07:30PM Jimmy Shin | Burbank | $10.00     Buy Tickets Emcee: Derek Craigie
Feature: Gumbo
Headliner: Jimmy Shin
Stand Up: Tommy Brooks
Stand Up: Ben Herwitz
Stand Up: Ashley Karp
Stand Up: Christine King
Stand Up: Brian McDaniel
Stand Up: Benny Blue
Stand Up: Chris Sneed  
        Feb 27th | 08:00PM Celebrity Drop-In Tuesday | Burbank | $20.00     Buy Tickets Emcee: Maggie Maye
Headliner: Celebrity Drop-In Tuesday
Stand Up: Courtney Blomquist
Stand Up: Darren Capozzi
Stand Up: Surprise Celebrity Guest
Stand Up: Whitney Cummings
Stand Up: Willie Macc
Stand Up: Dave Reinitz
Stand Up: Flip Schultz
Stand Up: Mona Shaikh
Stand Up: Alex Kendig
Stand Up: Jeremy Weinreich  
        Feb 27th | 07:30PM Brandon Scott Keller | Burbank | $10.00     Buy Tickets Emcee: Renee Percy
Headliner: Brandon Scott Keller
Stand Up: John Brickley
Stand Up: Whitney Cummings
Stand Up: David Dorward
Stand Up: Hayley Angela Gilbert
Stand Up: Kelsey Munger
Stand Up: Dannie Nicole
Stand Up: Joshua Snyder
Stand Up: Joanie Coyote  
        Feb 27th | 08:30PM No Blender Bar Show Tues | Burbank | FREE TICKETS     Buy Tickets Co-Emcee: Patrick Ramirez  
        Feb 28th | 08:00PM UCCC - Round Two Week One | Burbank | $12.00   Flyer   Buy Tickets 1] Kennisha Anderson
2] Theo Awdng
3] Joshua Ballew
4] Steve Eulenberg
5] Molly Kauffman
6] Aneesha Madhok
7] Gracie Otto1
8] Patrick L Puckett
9] Menachem Silverstein
10] Denise Wax
Emcee: Courtney Cronin Dold
Half Time/Math Time: Whitney Cummings  
        Feb 28th | 06:00PM Happy Hour Auditions | Burbank | FREE TICKETS     Buy Tickets Emcee: Dave Reinitz
Headliner: Happy Hour Auditions
Producer: Crystal Charee
Producer: Ken Pringle  
        Feb 28th | 10:00PM OMG Yass Amazing w/ Daniel Franzese (Mean Girls) | Burbank | $20.00     Buy Tickets Emcee: Daniel Franzese
Stand Up: Tashi Condelee
Stand Up: Jessie Buttafuoco
Stand Up: Sam Clark
Stand Up: Anthony Desamito
Stand Up: John Milhiser
Stand Up: Katie Molinaro
Stand Up: Ben Phen
Stand Up: Justin Sayre
Stand Up: Arisce Wanzer
Stand Up: Janette Zosche  
        Feb 28th | 07:30PM Danny Jolles | Burbank | $10.00     Buy Tickets Headliner: Danny Jolles
Stand Up: Alex Caine
Stand Up: Eliot Chang
Stand Up: Tom Froehlich
Stand Up: Becca Greenberg
Stand Up: Derek Mio
Stand Up: Luz Pazos
Stand Up: Dan Pena
Stand Up: Erik Steffens
Stand Up: Erik Steffens
Stand Up: Davell Taylor
Stand Up: Lizzy Vernon
Stand Up: Dan White  
        Feb 28th | 09:30PM Alex Powers | Burbank | $10.00     Buy Tickets Emcee: Greg Benevent
Headliner: Alex Powers
Stand Up: Surprise Celebrity Guest
Stand Up: Isabella Charlton
Stand Up: Chris Flail
Stand Up: Chris Gerred
Stand Up: Jay Ko
Stand Up: Jackie Monahan
Stand Up: Daniel Moquin  
        Feb 28th | 10:30PM BAR - 10:30pm - No Blender Bar Show Wed | Burbank | FREE TICKETS     Buy Tickets Co-Emcee: Anna Jean
Co-Emcee: Samantha Rund  
        Mar 01st | 09:30PM Lit and Laughing | Burbank | $10.00     Buy Tickets Emcee: Hans Sardo
Feature: Julian Fernandez
Stand Up: Surprise Celebrity Guest
Stand Up: Travis Clark
Stand Up: Jonathan Flanagan
Stand Up: Kessler
Stand Up: Kym Kral
Stand Up: Whitney Melton
Stand Up: Matt Payton  
        Mar 01st | 07:30PM Nebraska Coast Comedy | Burbank | $10.00     Buy Tickets Emcee: Christina Marie Leonard
Stand Up: Danny Ahl
Stand Up: Travis Beck
Stand Up: Surprise Celebrity Guest
Stand Up: Rachel Ware
Stand Up: Marc Isaacs
Stand Up: Brian Kiley
Stand Up: Lindsey Loon
Stand Up: Todd Munson
Stand Up: Gary Robinson
Stand Up: Justin Sherman  
        Mar 01st | 08:00PM Pretty, Funny Women Graduation Showcase | Burbank | $15.00     Buy Tickets Emcee: Angelina Spicer
Producer: Lisa Sundstedt
Stand Up: Annick Adelle
Stand Up: Kelly Brown
Stand Up: Whitney Cummings
Stand Up: Jaylin Eaves
Stand Up: Justine ONeill
Stand Up: Kim Griffin
Stand Up: Fraser Hammersly
Stand Up: Michelle LeRoy
Stand Up: Bianca Lopez
Stand Up: Lorena Martinez
Stand Up: Tangelia Rouse
Stand Up: Sara Sanderson
Stand Up: Jessaica Shields
Stand Up: Sacha  
        Mar 01st | 10:00PM Thirsty Thursdays | Burbank | $20.00     Buy Tickets Emcee: Shaun Fisher
Headliner: Thirsty Thursdays
Stand Up: Danielle Arce
Stand Up: Kevin Corcoran
Stand Up: Angelo di Nallo
Stand Up: Leo Dottavio
Stand Up: Andrew Hobson
Stand Up: Zainab Johnson
Stand Up: Kareem Matthews
Stand Up: Katrina Nelson
Stand Up: Curt Seablom
Stand Up: Mona Shaikh
Stand Up: Dominika Van Santen
Stand Up: Jeremy Weinreich
Stand Up: Missa Wilpers  
        Mar 01st | 10:30PM BAR - 10:30pm - No Blender Bar Show Thurs | Burbank | FREE TICKETS     Buy Tickets Co-Emcee: Mike Perkins
Emcee: Erikka Innes  
        Mar 01st | 06:00PM MR Happy Hour Auditions | Burbank | FREE TICKETS     Buy Tickets Co-Emcee: Crystal Charee
Emcee: Dave Reinitz  
        Mar 02nd | 08:00PM Ron G | Burbank | $20.00     Buy Tickets Emcee: Paul Douglas Moomjean
Feature: Kimrie Lewis
Headliner: Ron G
Stand Up: Chico Will  
        Mar 02nd | 10:00PM Ron G | Burbank | $20.00     Buy Tickets Emcee: Paul Douglas Moomjean
Feature: Kimrie Lewis
Headliner: Ron G
Stand Up: Chico Will