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Domina Sutra
Munich Sex-Fest 2008
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I am a certified Sado-Masochistic Bondage Dominatrix, graduate of BDSMU in Munich. Ever since I was a little girl growing up in Dusseldorf, I knew I wanted to entertain. I would watch Golden Girls and scambled porn simultaneously, huddled underneath one of my Grandmother's hand-made leather blankets. Stand-Up and Dominatrix-ing are very similar; we aim to please. Sometimes that means telling jokes to break the ice, and sometimes it means breaking ice to tease nipples, but it's always entertainment, dahling. If you see me live, you may wonder certain things. I only know this because I have been told the following: 'Are you a man or a woman?' 'Is that a real whip', 'My wife and I would like to invite you over for coffee and 'dessert', how much do you charge for 'dessert'?' and 'Wow, are your tits real?'

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