Flappers Comedy Club and Restaurant
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Upcoming Events  from: 07/27/2014
There is a $2.00 additional Service Charge on All Special Events

Jul 27th | 09:00PM Alex Ortiz | Burbank | $10.00
"B.E.Ts ComicView"    
Buy Tickets Emcee: Brenda Lamberty
Headliner: Alex Ortiz
Stand Up: Jose Barrientos
Stand Up: Frankie Castellanos
Stand Up: Samuel J Comroe
Stand Up: Marcus de la Fuente
Stand Up: Lourdes Gonzalez
Stand Up: Ralph Guerra
Stand Up: Tommy Rico
Stand Up: Anthony Rodriguez
Stand Up: Ric Rosario
Stand Up: Peter Sers
Stand Up: Jose Raymond  
Jul 27th | 07:00PM Jerry Corley | Burbank | $15.00
"Evening at the Improv"    
Buy Tickets Headliner: Jerry Corley
Stand Up: Brano Galuza
Stand Up: Kyle Lawrence
Stand Up: Nat Margolis
Stand Up: Brett Maverick
Stand Up: Michael Natter
Stand Up: Alex Nicolaides
Stand Up: Fred Sotille
Stand Up: Patricia Steger
Stand Up: Mark Villa  
Jul 27th | 09:00PM Arden Myrin | Burbank | $10.00
"Chelsea Lately"    
Buy Tickets Emcee: Richy Leis
Headliner: Arden Myrin
Stand Up: Kathryn Aagesen
Stand Up: Mariya Alexander
Stand Up: Surprise Celebrity Guest
Stand Up: Renee Colvert
Stand Up: Sarah Keller
Stand Up: Kelly Landry
Stand Up: Monica Morales
Stand Up: Allene Quincy
Stand Up: LeeAnn Tooker
Stand Up: Priscilla Villalva
Stand Up: Paige Weldon  
Jul 27th | 07:00PM Jake Dill | Burbank | $10.00
"On-Air at ALT987FM"    
Buy Tickets Emcee: Joshua Snyder
Headliner: Jake Dill
Stand Up: Adam Feuerberg
Stand Up: Justin Foster
Stand Up: Ed Galvez
Stand Up: Meghan Parks
Stand Up: Andy Peters
Stand Up: Danielle Radford  
Jul 27th | 09:00PM CL_Silly Sundays Open Mic/Auditions | Claremont | $5.00     Buy Tickets Emcee: Jay Light  
Jul 27th | 04:30PM CL_Two Milk Minimum | Claremont | $10.00     Buy Tickets Emcee: Jimmy H  
Jul 27th | 07:00PM Andy Haynes | Claremont | $20.00
"Conan 8/12"    
Buy Tickets Emcee: Brian Blanco
Feature: Gus Arredondo
Headliner: Andy Haynes
Stand Up: Surprise Celebrity Guest
Stand Up: Brian Hoehn
Stand Up: Jay Light
Stand Up: David Linden
Stand Up: Rachel McDowell
Stand Up: Reggie Reyes
Stand Up: Jay Wilson  
Jul 29th | 07:30PM Paul Morrissey | Burbank | $2.00     Buy Tickets Emcee: Hans Sardo
Headliner: Paul Morrissey
Stand Up: Aliye AJ
Stand Up: Eljae Brown
Stand Up: Surprise Celebrity Guest
Stand Up: Bobby Chambers
Stand Up: Ed Galvez
Stand Up: Phil Gould
Stand Up: Keith Kelly
Stand Up: Bobby Pope
Stand Up: Kory Smith
Stand Up: Ellen Wesley  
Jul 29th | 06:00PM MR Tues Happy Hour Open Mic Show 6:00pm | Burbank | FREE TICKETS     Buy Tickets Emcee: John Parr  
Jul 29th | 05:00PM Matt Kirshen | Burbank | FREE TICKETS
"Last Comic Standing Final"    
Buy Tickets Emcee: Barbara Holliday
Headliner: Matt Kirshen
Stand Up: Nat Margolis
Stand Up: Joshua Snyder
Stand Up: Kevin Yee  
Jul 29th | 08:00PM MR- Celebrity Drop In Tuesday | Burbank | $10.00     Buy Tickets Emcee: Richy Leis
Stand Up: Rebecca Arthur
Stand Up: Surprise Celebrity Guest
Stand Up: Kim Coles
Stand Up: Bert Kreischer
Stand Up: Sean O Connor
Stand Up: Jerry Rocha  
Jul 29th | 09:30PM Dana Eagle | Burbank | $10.00
"The Late Late Show"    
Buy Tickets Emcee: Erikka Innes
Headliner: Dana Eagle
Stand Up: Sven Amsterdam
Stand Up: Chriss Anglin
Stand Up: Mickey Bloom
Stand Up: Justus Cooke
Stand Up: Andy Hartley
Stand Up: Steve Hofstetter
Stand Up: Rene Lancaster
Stand Up: Tahir Moore
Stand Up: Jason Van Glass
Stand Up: Spencer Varsho
Stand Up: Tiffany Walker
Stand Up: Leah Wyman  
Jul 29th | 10:00PM Rene Garcia | Burbank | $10.00     Buy Tickets Emcee: Joshua Snyder
Headliner: Rene Garcia
Stand Up: Nick Brown
Stand Up: Matthew Gaffney
Stand Up: Mason Hankins
Stand Up: Jamin Lin
Stand Up: Justin Linville
Stand Up: Grant Lyon
Stand Up: Theo Madla
Stand Up: De Mann
Stand Up: Eric Marley
Stand Up: Humberto L. Meza
Stand Up: Elliott Morgan
Stand Up: Derek Paul
Stand Up: Victoria Stansbury  
Jul 29th | 12:00PM BAR- No Blender Bar Show Tues 12am | Burbank | FREE TICKETS     Buy Tickets Emcee: Liz Shihadeh  
Jul 30th | 06:00PM MR Happy Hour Auditions_Wed | Burbank | FREE TICKETS     Buy Tickets Emcee: Richy Leis
Emcee: Dave Reinitz  
Jul 30th | 09:30PM Mariť Lake | Burbank | $10.00
"Days of Our Lives"    
Buy Tickets Emcee: Melanie Baldonado
Headliner: Mariť Lake
Stand Up: Scott Christopher
Stand Up: Michelle Evans
Stand Up: Amanda Michelle Foschia
Stand Up: Michael Glazer
Stand Up: Chris James
Stand Up: Monique Madrid
Stand Up: Charlsey Miller
Stand Up: Susan Saiger
Stand Up: Allison Weber  
Jul 30th | 10:00PM Hampton Yount | Burbank | $10.00
"G4 Network"    
Buy Tickets Emcee: Chris Bennett
Headliner: Hampton Yount
Stand Up: Nat Baimel
Stand Up: Garrick Bernard
Stand Up: Kristen Carney
Stand Up: Olivia Cercone
Stand Up: John Horan
Stand Up: Raquelle Jason
Stand Up: Leor Makover
Stand Up: Kelly McInerney
Stand Up: Kevin Paniagua
Stand Up: Nelson Ventress
Stand Up: Katie Ward
Stand Up: Ruben G  
Jul 30th | 11:30PM BAR- No Blender Bar Show Wed 11pm | Burbank | FREE TICKETS     Buy Tickets Emcee: Dave Gregory
Emcee: Aaron Marsh  
Jul 30th | 07:30PM Andy Peters | Burbank | $10.00
"Biography Channel"    
Buy Tickets Emcee: Aristotle Georgeson
Headliner: Andy Peters
Stand Up: Jimmy Carlson
Stand Up: Lisa Chanoux
Stand Up: Rocky Cusseaux
Stand Up: Nick Dopuch
Stand Up: Dan Greenberg
Stand Up: Dominique Johnson
Stand Up: Adam R. Murphy
Stand Up: Paul Sigwerth
Stand Up: Benny Spiewak
Stand Up: Stuart Thompson
Stand Up: C.J. Toledano
Stand Up: Jordan Tuerler  
Jul 30th | 08:00PM UCCC - Round Five Week 5 | Burbank | $12.00   Flyer   Buy Tickets 1] Tony Alfieri
2] Greg Baldwin
3] Josh Langben
4] Cris Lehman
5] Dusty Lester
6] Conner McNutt1
7] Dave Rankin
8] Megan Sousa
9] Rubyn Warren II
10] Greg Williams
Emcee: Wendi Starling
Math Time: Geoff Keith  
Jul 30th | 07:00PM CS-Flappers University Student Open Mic | Burbank | FREE TICKETS     Buy Tickets Emcee: Sam Morrison  
Jul 31st | 08:00PM Theo Von | Burbank | $15.00     Buy Tickets Emcee: Lando Leyba
Headliner: Theo Von
Stand Up: Howard Aronin
Stand Up: Sarah Burrows
Stand Up: Serafina Costanza
Stand Up: Samantha Hale
Stand Up: Brian Kiley
Stand Up: Elyse Martin
Stand Up: Ryan Miller
Stand Up: Crystal Charee
Stand Up: Cathy Shim  
Jul 31st | 07:30PM Carlos Alazraqui | Burbank | $10.00
"PLANES- El Chupecabra"    
Buy Tickets
Special Event
Emcee: Vince DonVito
Headliner: Carlos Alazraqui
Stand Up: Rob
Stand Up: Ross Marquand
Stand Up: Jill-Michele Melean
Stand Up: Jim Meskimen  
Jul 31st | 06:00PM MR Happy Hour Auditions | Burbank | FREE TICKETS     Buy Tickets Emcee: Dave Reinitz  
Jul 31st | 10:00PM Tone Bell | Burbank | $10.00
Buy Tickets Emcee: Londale Theus Jr.
Feature: Dale Dymkoski
Headliner: Tone Bell
Stand Up: Jeremy Bassett
Stand Up: Wyatt Cote
Stand Up: Matt Downing
Stand Up: Brano Goluza
Stand Up: Matt Neal
Stand Up: Richard Park
Stand Up: Todd Smith
Stand Up: David Sorkness
Stand Up: Byron Valino
Stand Up: Paul Widegren  
Jul 31st | 09:30PM Melissa Villasenor | Burbank | $10.00
"America's Got Talent"    
Buy Tickets Emcee: Joshua Snyder
Headliner: Melissa Villasenor
Stand Up: Lauren Bancroft
Stand Up: Alissa Bica
Stand Up: Michael Burnett
Stand Up: Katie Chan
Stand Up: Vanessa Graddick
Stand Up: Tony Hall
Stand Up: Dan Lee
Stand Up: Jill Maragos
Stand Up: Peyton Nealis
Stand Up: Warren Zeger  
Jul 31st | 11:30PM BAR- No Blender Bar Show Thurs 12am | Burbank | FREE TICKETS     Buy Tickets Emcee: Erikka Innes  
Jul 31st | 08:00PM Debra DiGiovanni | Claremont | $20.00
"Live At Gotham"    
Buy Tickets Emcee: Peter Marr
Headliner: Debra DiGiovanni
Stand Up: Arantza Fahnbulleh
Stand Up: Amir Kalil  
Aug 01st | 07:30PM Alice Wetterlund | Burbank | $15.00
"Chelsea Lately"    
Buy Tickets Emcee: Joshua Snyder
Headliner: Alice Wetterlund
Stand Up: Surprise Celebrity Guest
Stand Up: Elizabeth Collins
Stand Up: Patrick Fitzgerald
Stand Up: Aron Fromm
Stand Up: Mike Gambino
Stand Up: Brittany Hoagland
Stand Up: Jordan Leer
Stand Up: Stacy Medof
Stand Up: Matt Mero
Stand Up: Kim Stern  
Aug 01st | 09:30PM Alice Wetterlund | Burbank | $15.00
"Chelsea Lately"    
Buy Tickets Emcee: Joshua Snyder
Headliner: Alice Wetterlund
Stand Up: Jeff Alper
Stand Up: Tom Ayers
Stand Up: Chris Calabrese
Stand Up: Surprise Celebrity Guest
Stand Up: Dave Clark
Stand Up: Barbie Dahl
Stand Up: Powell Mansfield
Stand Up: Jacob Schmidt
Stand Up: Alexander Senate  
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