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Tue 09/18/2012
Comedy Laboratory

NEW POSTING-  Comedians who needs to work on their sets...
Check this out..... 

SATURDAYS Flappers Comedy Club, YOO HOO ROOM  -Burbank
Hey comedians here's your chance to work on a few new jokes in our comedy lab and get some instant feedback from other comedians.  Each person  performs several minutes of Stand up in front of other comedians and after the set is finished, they will get instant feedback from the entire audience.  This is a great supplement to our Flappers unievrsity Classes.   There is no admission charge for this lab, but please bring your sense of humor, jokes, thirst and your appetite because our Full Flappers Food and Beverage Menu is available for you to partake.   Stage Time depends on the amount of comedians who show up.  No pre-reservation required, just come on down to Flappers Comedy Club Burbank 102 E. Magnolia Blvd. Burbank, CA  91502.  Free parking at the Sears parking lot across the street.  Contact:   Charlene Mae CharleneM@FlappersComedy.com   www.FlappersComedy.com  Call 818-845-9721.

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Wed 08/29/2012
H2F Bookings: Comedy Event FEEDBACK- : Samuel Comroe at Simpson College - Aug 27 2012

H2F Bookings:   Comedy Event FEEDBACK-  : Samuel Comroe at Simpson College - Aug 27 2012

Please rate your experience with us:



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Was the performer entertaining and was the performance what you expected?



Were the promotional materials provided professional and helpful?



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Comments/Feedback/Special Notes/Quotes:

I rarely fill these out, but I was so throughly impressed with both Gillian and Samuel that I\'ve made an exception in this case. Both were extremely easy going, and in the end really cared about making sure our students had a great time to conclude our Welcome Week. Samuel\'s show was entertaining, interactive, and fun, and spent 20 minutes after the show meeting our students. When there was a miscommunication about Samuel\'s hotel accommodations, Gillian calmly took care of it, and we got everything worked out. I couldn\'t be happier with this performance and experience, and we hope to work with both of you again in the near future!

-Sarah, Assistant Director of Student Activities, Simpson College

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Thu 12/01/2011
UCCC Round 6 week 1 Marla DuMont wins

Struggling with dating makes since when your mom grew up in the 50's. Marla takes us on an amazing ride while trying to figure out dating in 2011. Don't miss her and the 2 other contestants battle for the chance to win 500.00, a professional gig here at Flappers Comedy Club, and an interview on the popular pod cast Dick and Darren at the Soup or Bowl Finals December 28th at 8pm Flappers Comedy Club Main Room.

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That was pretty funny! -------------- Chak Comedy

Sat 10/29/2011
Damon Wenker Pulls a Win in Preliminary Round of Uncle Clyde's

Congratulations to Damon Wenker on winning Round 5, Week 1 of Uncle Clyde's! We can't wait to see what he has in store for us next week!

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Sat 10/22/2011
Henry Coleman October Soup or Bowl Winner

Congrats to Henry Coleman, the winner of Uncle Clyde's six-week contest. Henry won $500, a week's professional booking here at Flappers Comedy Club, and an interview on Dick & Darren. Finally, he can start making payments on a SuperNintendo! We are proud of you, Henry!

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