Flappers Comedy Club and Restaurant
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Chris James

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British comedian and actor Chris James started his career in New
York, USA when he landed a modeling and acting contract with one
of NYC´s top talent agencies, Wilhelmina.
While in NY he performed improvisations and one-man shows at
sold out theaters including the famous New York Comedy Club.
As a result, Chris was soon snapped up by a Los Angeles agent .
Chris moved to Hollywood and began his stand up comedy career
performing at all the major clubs in California including the world
famous Comedy Store on Sunset Strip . He has also been an opening
act at the famous Caroline´s comedy club in NYC.
With his background in film, Chris is able to portray a diverse range
of characters with ease and confidence. He is a crowd favourite
thanks to his sharp and witty style of story telling.

07/30/14 9PM Mariť Lake
Flappers Comedy Club Burbank- Yoo Hoo Room

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